Friday, 14 August 2009


OK... so maybe deciding to come off my Citalopram, un monitored, isn't the best decision in the world to make... but almost a week with no meds and I am still feeling (fairly) sane.
I just want to point out that this isn't a decision I took lightly...I was finding it hard to remember taking my pills, and after almost 6 months, I was still very down and having some very disturbing thoughts about myself.... lets just say that it proper scared me, and leave it at that.

I am still trying to stay chipper, and get the odd job about the house done. The side effects are a wee bit unsettling though.... dizziness... palpitations... my face keeps feeling a bit wierd and tingly, and I keep getting these really wacky (pardon my french) brain fucks... it's like the inside of my head jumps and shifts for a moment or two.... VERY odd !!!!

I have been recommended a dietry suppliment to take, to aid coming off meds and help me feel more balanced, it's called 5-HTP.... this is the stuff.. ... so it is on order from ebay as I type.

I am still managing to be semi productive... although I've not yet made any beads, I sold a wizard the other night, and listed a couple more beads on Etsy... see my widget thingy :O)

I was utterly amazed yesterday.... a beacon of light in the stress filled days... my kids cleaned the kitchen and washed, dried and put away all the crocks and pots..... I could have hugged them forever !!!

I felt totally awful afterwards... but they don't seem to have been as badly behaved since the other day.... I had one of those parent breakdown moments when they were fighting over some lego.... I just suddenly started sobbing... just couldn't stop . I think it made them stop and think about their behaviour.. they have been pretty difficult lately.... boredom I suppose, but hey... I went for a soak in the bath, and they've been easier to deal with ever since.

Right... GLASS ! ..... I've not managed to make anything new for what feels like forever.... but the lovely Sam, of Beadysam Glass sent me some wonderful extras with my glass order ... it arrived this morning.... I ordered 100g of that new Multicolour from Riechenbach, and she also sent me a bundle of Chalcedony and a bundle of the Silver Brown too..... I am actually looking forward to lighting my torch up to experiment with these new clever colours !!!!

I've still not got my council tax paid... something I aim to put right before the end of today, and maybe I will also manage to produce 2 sets of beads. I really need to be more organised with things. Still a couple of days untill my week's deadline... lets see if I manage it :O)

Well it's a beautiful day today..... well it is here in stoke on trent, lol... I hope that you (whoever you may be) have a lovely friday :O)

Bye for now xxx


Donna Williamson said...

Stay strong hun - coming of any meds can be hard xx

Zelda Zog said...

Second what Donna says, Les it's a brave decision you took to come off the meds like that... well done for doing so, but don't beat yourself up if it doesn't all go to plan.

Take care xXx

Enchanted said...

Keep your chin up hun! I was also on Citalopram when I first became depressed about 6 years ago, they never worked for me either. I'm glad I found something that did work and wish you well with finding something that works for you. ((Hugs))

Nicky x