Saturday, 8 August 2009


And no... I don't mean football .... horrid game !

I'm thinking life goals.... at this time in my life, I find mysef beginning to look for a more concrete direction in my life. I am 38 years old... my children are all growing up fast, and I find myself questioning whether my life (as it stands) is a good example to my children.

Yes, I am self employed now... something positive that I think most of us aspire to in some shape or form... but I find mysef questioning whether I am focussed enough in my new business.

I know what I want to do, mostly. I want to make pretty things out of glass.... sell them, and make people happy and smiley :O)

Life and business, unfortunatey, demands far more than just wanting to do something. And this is where I find myself thinking about goals, and setting them.

Is it a good idea to set them... to add focus to life, or are they detrimental to your emotional well being if you fail to achieve said goal ?? But then, having no real focus can also lead to dissappointment, as we don't know what to aim for, and end up failing about in the dark.

Well anyway.... I have, personally, found mysef doing lots of flailing about over the ast couple of years. I had no definate goals .... did'nt really have a plan. So I am thinking that this is going to have to change, in order to break a cycle that just seems to perpetuate itself.

Long / Medium / Short ???

My life has been so uttery chaotic and unpredictable since I was a child, in one way or another, so I still find the concept of making a long term plan almost impossibe to grasp. So I find it easier to think about shorter term goals at this point in life.

What do I want out of life ?? I still don't know really ?? I know that I want to be happy... I don't want to feel lonely ... I want the best for my children... I'd like for my business to be a success.
These are all quite lofty aspirations I suppose... but I think that in starting to make short term plans, then these might be more achievable.

So.... short term, at this point in my life is very short term. I have been slowly sinking in the mire of a very complicated life, and it's time I started pulling myself out ... litte by little.

I want to share a few short term goals with you... whoever you may be... and hope to be back with an update on progress next time. More importantly, I hope to be able to share how I feel about achieving the goals I have set.... or not....

Some tasks to get me started for this coming week... August 9th - 16th 2009.

  • pay council tax
  • assemble my new PC workstation
  • make 1 finished piece of jewelery
  • make 2 sets of beads
This blog post may seem like a long piece of rambling thought.... but that's exactly what it is... my thoughts... just thought out loud. It's easier for me to pick through them this way.

If you do read this blog, then please feel free to leave any comments, perspectives or tips.
I's a complicated business, is trying to unravel the way you live and approach life...

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts... whoever you may be.
Fingers crossed I come back next week with some good results :O)

(please excuse any missing 'L's ... they're not spelling mistakes, I have a dodgy L key :O)


Anonymous said...

honest,real and genuine. This is what i get from your thoughts, If 1of your goals is to be true to yourself then you are already there. The 1st step to a successful life is to find out what this is to you....what this will take. good luck with that, i feel you'll get there.
steph xxx

Anonymous said...

I understand this completely and wish you luck, I always think somebody cursed me with the words 'may you have an interesting life, but I'm trying to turn it around too

caz said...

hon, that's a very honest and deep thinking blog. i'm sure you'll achieve your aims. that said, don't be too hard on yourself, its a criticism often levelled at me, if it ain't right it's wrong. but life isn't like that, i'm painfully finding out. don't forget to look at the positive, you've survived a lot of shit and come out the other side, so credit to you for that, a lot of people would've gone under. remember, what don't kill you makes you stronger! xxxx

Lesley said...

Aww..... thank you so much for your comments :O)

Strange, but sometimes I find it is easier to be honest and open in a blog, than privately, in my own thoughts.
Maybe committing it to virtual paper, kind of makes it more real ??


Lesley said...

Well so far I have made 1 piece of finished jewellery, even if it is a very simple one, and I finally got the new PC unit put together.... now for the rest of this weeks challenges...... bloody hard work though, when you don't fee much ike doing anything constructive =o\

Tina said...

Baby steps! If you set yourself small goals and achieve them then you are absolutely doing the right thing! If for some reason you don't achieve one of them, that's cool, 'cos it's only a small thing, not the end of the world.

Keep on blogging; if it helps to make sense of a jumble of thoughts!