Friday, 19 June 2009

A new project

Hiya.... I just thought I'd record something new I am trying, just for posterity.

Will I manage to finish them ?? Will they work out the way I hope ???

Who knows ???

Handbag and purse.... in VERY early stages ...

Oh... the first is a picture of a bracelet I sold the other day.... I just wanted to share it :O)

This is (I think) going to be a little bag for a child... or a little purse type thing :O)

And this is (hopefully) going to be my first proper bag. We shall see eh .....

Well the weather seems to have left us just lately, which is why I decided to try to make something with nice bright colours, that would hopefully raise a smile. I hope the finished articles have the desired effect !

I hope you all have a lovley weekend... whatever the weather !!

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