Thursday, 7 August 2008

Well I have had a productive morning.....

I had my first home visit, today, from my Personal Business Advisor. He's 'on loan' to me as I am  a small business start up customer with Business Initiative.

He was a lovely guy, who took over my computer for half an hour and drew up a whole years worth of accounting database sheets for me to use. He is going to come back in a few weeks and we are going to look at a marketing strategy too !!!! AND..... as part of the service, he'll even do my first year tax returns too !!!! All done for free !!!! It's brilliant !!!

Now I have to actually sit down and do the figures and fill the sheets in to keep my records up to date. This in itself is no mean feat for me as I have spent 37 years being the most unorganised person on the planet.... oh dear ... LOL

I can do maths, but I just don't  'do' numbers, if you see what I mean ? I have never been a logical thinker, so this is going to be a massive learning curve for me.

Going self employed, for me, is proving to be one great big exciting process... but one that I am also finding scary, stressful and very... VERY nerve wracking too !!!

Worries about child/working tax credits..... how much I'll have to start paying towards my rent.... council tax.... all sorts are still unknown quantities. The mere thought that I won't be able to afford the rent now I am off income support is pretty damn terrifying when you are a single parent with 3 children .... they need security above most other things, and untill all my new benefits are sorted out... we haven't really got much of that.

Ooohh... I'd better stop it there before I let things start playing on my mind again... I've had enough sleepless nights already...  but the up shot of all my ramblings is this....


Whether it works out for me or not.... who can tell.... but at least I'll be able to say that I gave it a go !

Right... enough from me for now, I need to go get some felt made =o)

Speak laters xxx

PS: Oh and I defrosted my freezer this morning !

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