Wednesday, 10 February 2010

To blog or not to blog ??

I am so slack at blogging these days... I suppose the problem is choosing what to blog about really.... sometimes, when times are hard, it's good therapy to offload and write... and sometimes it's probably best to keep stuff to yourself... and when times are good, does one shout it from the roof tops at risk of getting egg in the face when it (usually) inevitably hits the fan ??

There are always beads to blog about I suppose, but then all it does is repeat what has usually been shown off and said on facebook anyway.... ahh well...

Soooo... what's been going on with me lately then ... hmmmmm.....

Well life is starting to look up for me at the moment.... I am feeling better in myself than I was last year... a LOT better, although there is still much work to be done there !

I can finally feel some enthusiasm creeping back in to my work... yep... amazingly, I was finding what appears to be a dream job to some people so very dull, pointless and tedious for quite some time, but I think that was more a symptom of how tired life had made me.

I still love making my critters and little vikings, but I am finding a renewed love for creating pretty organic style beads :)
I suppose I shyed away from making them as the bead market filled up with lots of new lampworkers and they became so very popular, I felt that I was getting lost in the crowd. This is not a slur on everyone else... I mean, once a lampworker discovers the beauty of silver leaf and ivory glass, there is no turning back.... and they're easy... I know ... I was just the same.

Now I feel it is time to go back to my roots a little, and I am really enjoying it :)

I'll never leave my puss cats though.... I adore making those little guys, but it's time to expand on them now :)

I am making more effort with jewellery too... I do so enjoy making finished jewellery, but rarely find the time or energy to make jewellery as well as beads, but I am working on that :)

So what's going on with me ?
Well the kids are all growing up and are good.... dysfunctional but good, hehe :)

Ben is now FINALLY starting to job hunt a little.
Sam is settled in High School now, and has found a new passion.... Warhammer 40k gaming :)
Pop is still Pop ! Fortunately she still appears relatively unnafected by the events of the last year or two, so I am grateful for that... so very grateful :)

I decided to get rid of my natural dreadlocks. I have returned to wearing synthetics instead as they are just so much fun to wear :)

I can't blog about how I am without mentioning the man in my life :)
We met in November last year and well... what can I say ? I am just so very happy :)
He has been an absolute rock and has gone more than the extra mile to be there for me.
I am 38.... my child bearing carreer is well and tryly behind me, and I have finally met Mr. Right... so you see girls and guys... no matter what your age... never give up the search for true love and companionship :)

All I shall say for now is that 2010 is chaping up to be the best year ever here :)

There you go then.... work and home... blogged.. sorted !

Oh and I burnt my damn hand on the oven yesterday... OUCH !

Well bye for now... speak soon... take care guys xXx

Oh yeh .... and what's the deal with the Vatican wanting to get it's pilfering hands on The Staffordshire Hoard ??? Don't they have enough wealth stashed in their vaults, kept away from us heathens ????

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