Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Where to start after such a long time eh ??

To cut a very dull story short, I ended up having a wee bit of a crisis, just with life in general.
I think I just let everything get on top of me really.

Anyway... meds were prescribed..... I relapsed a few weeks back, and am just getting back on track with my medication at the moment.

One thing I have learned from all this is that pressure makes me ill, so I am going to have to try and tailor my life to deal with that.

I've taken to spending time in my little garden . It's so very therapeutic. I love to find all those little hidden away treasures in the garden.... a beautiful garden spider in it's web.... snails with those lovely stripey shells... odd looking little bugs, and finding plants emerging. I keep finding baby plants breaking through, and love waiting untill they grow to see what they might be.
Just hope they're not all weeds, LOL

There's also a really amusing pair of magpies that I see in the tree most mornings... they are always squawking at eachother and playing chase me !!

I've bought some lovely plants to put in the garden too, and it's slowly becoming the little oasis that I want.

I am eventually getting back on track with my work too. So many times, it seems, I make progress, then it seems to crumble away from me. But hey ho.... I just have to keep plodding away and hope that one day things will become stable once again.

I think that spending time in my garden has had quite an influence on the beads I have been making just lately... I suddenly seem to have the urge to make little bugs, toadstools, and such like ... I am really enjoying making less 'sensible' beads... they are so cheerful and colourful, so I am going to keep running with it, to see where it takes me.

Anyway.... I'm going to have to get some stuff done here, am expecting mum at the door to pick the kids up, so I'll just leave you with a few random photos of what's been going on in the flame born house...

There are new beads cooling in the kiln as I type... so we'll see what comes out later :O)


SteamPunkGlass said...

Love the new stuff, keep going were it takes you as that's where individuality & inspiration lies
;-) Good to hear you're feeling better

Lesley said...

Thanks Glenn :O)