Sunday, 25 January 2009

I've been away for longer than I thought.....

My lovely friend Kieara starting her new blog has given me the nudge that I needed to log back into my own blog.

I did'nt realise just how long it has been since I last posted in my blog ... So I shall aim to rectify this by posting a quick catch up . I say quick ... so much has been happening in my personal life, that I'd be here for weeks getting it all written up, so I shall only post briefly, although the issues are pretty serious. Hopefully by reading this, you will understand why my creativity and productivity have been so poor over the last few months....

Well August turned out to be a month of massive high's and low's .... from the high of the Stourbridge Bead event I came crashing down with an unbelieveable low.... on the bank holliday weekend following Stourbridge, my 7 yr old daughter was abducted by a paedophile. I shan't go into the detail, but he was sentenced in crown court last week. The time in between has been a bit of an ordeal and left me a bit messed up to be totally honest.

Whilst that was all ongoing, I also lost my home :O( I had to move back into my marital home.
My ex had moved out over a year ago and had left it in an awful state of repair. Even though this was the case, he tried to prevent us from moving back in by changing the locks on the morning I was moving in.

I am now in, but he has also now started very nasty divorce proceedings and I am again in a state of flux as I have no idea whether I shall lose this house a second time.
I am finding it hard to get decent legal advice and have also admitted that my depression is back.

So... all things told, I hope you can understand why I have not been very consistant over this past 6 months or so.

I do have my good days though... days when I feel like making beads and jewellery .... so I'll finish up now with a few pictures of some recent work...


Thanks for reading, and hopefully, I shall be back real soon xxx


Keiara Wells said...

always thinking of you, chica <3 xox

Karen said...

lovely beads, I hope 2009 is a fab year for you

Saffie said...

Les you have had so much go on but your work is just beautiful. We are all here for you you are not alone!
Sam xxx