Tuesday, 5 August 2008

rainy day blogging....

Welcome to my brand new blog page.

Sometimes I'll make sense ... sometimes I might not..... sometimes I'll share my new creations with you.... sometimes I'll just waffle about them instead.

Here's a teeny bit about me then ....I'm a 37 year old, single mother of 3 kids (7, 10, 17).

I'm pretty busy a lot of the time, so I don't know how often I'll manage to write in this blog .... but I'm going to give it a go =o)

Although I'm not making much progress at the moment, I have just gone self employed, making and selling glass/mixed media beads and jewellery, from my website  ... sometimes silk painted cards too :)

I am currently marooned in the middle of the long summer school break, which is leaving me very little time and energy for making glass beads etc... which probably explains why I am starting this new blog and not upstairs getting my torch lit.. LOL ..

Most of my daily activities seem to consist of washing, cooking, hoovering, tidying, reading to kids, colouring with kids, sorting out bored kid's squabbles, then cooking again.... oh you get the picture.. hehe... well this seems to be my current timetable, untill September that is ... Roll on September !!!!

ANYWAYS...... enough moaning from me for the moment.. hehe... back to my beads.

I decided to call this blog 'Creative Journeys' as I am always looking for new techniques to use in my jewellery and bead making, so I figured I'd share my thoughts and progress on this blog.I'm not the most regimented of people, so some posts will be all worky... some may just be my bored ramblings... who knows... we shall see....




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